Two more COVID death in Cachar, Assam

Two more COVID death reported within two days in Cachar, Assam. 55-year-old Tamendra Biswas from Malugram Ghaniyal and 21-year-old Subhash Chandra Choudhry scummed while under COVID treatment in Silchar Medical College and Hospital (SMCH).

A few days ago Assam Death Audit Board reported its first official COVID death. Accordingly, these two new COVID deaths are 2nd and 3rd official COVID deaths in Cachar, Assam.

The Death Audit Board of Assam denied registering the initial three death from Cachar during the pandemic as COVID deaths. Because they were actually under treatment not for COVID rather for other health issues. Interesting all three of them were tested COVID positive after their death. Still, the health department and district administration cremated them following the COVID norms. As they were tested COVID positive after their death.

The increasing tally of COVID-19 in Cachar district is alarming. On the contrary, protection is better than cure. Thus it is better to maintain sanitisation and physical distance rather doing panic during this pandemic.

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