There is still no beam of justice for Karima Baloch from Balochistan

Do people all over the world also remain shut about Karima Baloch (Human Rights Activist from Balochistan)?

There is still no beam of justice for Karima Baloch from Balochistan
There is still no beam of justice for Karima Baloch from Balochistan

A week passed but there is still no beam of justice like every time. Karima Baloch, who opened a front against the Pakistani army over human rights abuses in Balochistan, was found dead on 22nd December in Canada. Karima Baloch was a Human Rights Activist. She was struggling against the atrocities of the Pakistan Army in Balochistan. In 2016, she escaped the persecution of the Pakistani army and reached Canada.

Do people all over the world also remain shut about Karima Baloch? Years after years passing but there is no check on Pakistani militants and intelligence agency torturing and threatening women’s life over there. Benazir Bhutto, the former PM (2007)  Qandeel Baloch, model activist (2016)  Asma Jahangir, human rights lawyer (2018)  Karima Baloch, independence leader (2020) these is how prominent Pakistani women losing their lives violently or mysteriously over the years.

Not only in case of woman, Pakistani militant is just ruthless to every whoever goes against them. Baloch journalist Sajid Hussain, who was living in Sweden in March 2020 before Karima, also went missing. His body was later found on the banks of a river. Sajid’s family, friends and acquaintances claimed that he had been killed. The Paris Journalist Organization Reporters Without Borders alleged that Sajid’s suspected disappearance and death was a conspiracy. It was carried out by the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) and MI (Military Intelligence of Pakistan). The reason for this was his work as a journalist who was knocking Pakistan.

Police found Karima’s body at the Harbor Front near Toronto. The body is identified by Karima’s husband Hammal Haider and brother. Karima was living here as a refugee. He was considered one of the strongest voices of the Baloch. There are allegations that the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI has murdered Karima. BBC named her one of the 100 most influential women in the world. She was fighting for the independence of Balochistan from Pakistan. She had also raised the issue of atrocities in Balochistan in the United Nations session in Switzerland. She was considered to be the most powerful female activist of Balochistan. Karima was also the former chairperson of the Baloch Student Organization — Azad. During her exile in Canada, she used to write on social media on the atrocities committed in Balochistan by the government of Pakistan and the army. Minorities, Baloch used to carry out atrocities being done on women.

In 2016, Karima Baloch posted a video on social media on Rakshabandhan. In this, he called Prime Minister Modi as her brother and appealed to him to become the voice of the Baloch people. After this post, she made headlines in the Indian media. After this post, Pakistan had registered a case against three Baloch leaders including Karima. All of them were accused of trying to wage war against Pakistan and attacking the Pakistani officer. According to The Balochistan Post, Karima was last seen in Toronto’s Bay Street and Queen’s Quay West area on Sunday. Karima’s family said that her body was found. The family has appealed to maintain their privacy. Karima was often targeted by the Government of Pakistan due to her activism. For this reason, she was forced to live in exile in Canada. Now Pakistan is facing allegations of plotting his murder. Pakistani-origin writer Tarek Fatah has claimed Pakistan’s hand behind it.


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