Sonu Sood successfully send stranded back to Assam

    Despite all political criticism from the various parties Actor Sonu Sood successfully send 180 stranded people back to Assam on   June 9.

    Surprisingly Silchar Airport doesn’t have Air Asia service. To avail this stranded management for Assam he had to arrange an Air Asia flight which is bound for Silchar. On June 9 he himself visited Mumbai airport to see off the departing stranded labours for Assam.

    Sonu Sood seriously did noble work for the hopeless people of Assam stranded in Maharastra.  Being a reel-life villain he performed like a real-life hero this time.

    Sonu also clarifies that he is doing this only to serve humanity. Politicians will do whatever they are doing. But he will continue his stranded management service to the nation whenever anyone seeks.

    Moreover, he also noticed that many people are sending him fake requests to send them home on social media. As soon as he offers them help, after getting any massage from stranded,  they delete their messages. The actor believes people are misusing his help and sending him fake requests.

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