Millions labourer are stranded in no-man’s land

    On 1st May, the world is intend to celebrate International Labours Day . On the contrary, millions of hopeless daily wage workers remaining stranded in no man’s land between within the India- Bangladesh international border. They are just way-less to move and satisfy their hunger aimed COVID-19 lockdown.

    A number of citizens from all over India have been held captive in no man’s land between the India- Bangladesh international border for the past 38 days. “About 260 Indian villages with a total of 70,000 residents which lie in the ‘no man’s land’ between the two countries,” the government  informs.

    The Border Security Force (BSF) has not allowed them to cross the international border and enter the Indian after the nationwide lockdown was declared on March 24. After the lockdown declared, the BSF is directed to increase the security and not allow anyone to enter India.


    1. I occasionally watched your news, the news content and selection of topic is very good. I also write column/blog in Pakistan web portals and also n Hindi News Portal. In think you have to show the version of local administration, and stand of MEA as it is a International deadlock.

      One more thing , it is better if you present video content and your observation on issues concerning with North-East region.
      At present the only source is vblog made by Ms. Sangeeta Baruah Pisharoty of ‘The Wire’ news portal.
      Thanks for sharing excellent article.
      Rajeev Kumar Sharma
      New Delhi
      Twitter- RajeevK78325493

      • Thank you for worthy feedback Mr. Rajeev Kumar Sharma. We wao your contribution and suggestion. We will be running on your suggestion ver shortly. Stay tuned with us 🙏😊

    2. Antara jee, thanks for your reply. I strongly believe that that you will create a milestone 8n this field. Actually the person living in North West India they are interested to read news about North East.
      But barring few like The Sentinel , The Telegraph, no other news paper,or web portal is active in North East.
      When i see your news portal where you consistently covering news stories of Assam, but unfortunately the outreach of your web news portal is very limited, and that thing you will also deny.
      Nowadays people prefer to watch video blog instead of reading , so that’s why I suggest you to start you video blog so that person can watch you.
      Its a pleasant surprise that in this younger age you are successfully running this news portal. May be you are younger in age , but your writing skill speaks about your enriched experience which you possess.
      I hope your video blog will be popular as Sangeeta Baruah Pisharoty’s North East diaries is gaining popularity. You really deserve appreciation. .
      I follow you on Twitter also, Congratulation and regards for your commitment towards journalism.
      Rajeev Kumar Sharma
      Twitter- RajeevK78325493

      • We are glad to have a passionate and supportive reader like you Mr. Rajeev Kumar Sharma. We gladly admit your concerns and appreciation. We are trying to be on your exceptions very soon. Stay with us as you always are.

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