Libra Monthly Horoscope July 2020 based on Moon Sign

Libra Monthly Horoscope July 2020 based on Moon Sign
Libra Monthly Horoscope July 2020 based on Moon Sign


Libra Monthly Horoscope based on Moon Sign as per Vedic Astrology, Venus is placed in the eighth house of your horoscope. This is the reason why you need to take additional care of your health during this month. Do not trust anyone blindly and avoid sharing your personal information with your colleagues. Retrograde Rahu and Jupiter are transiting in the third house of your horoscope so avoid travelling until and unless it’s an emergency. Keep control over your speech otherwise, you may fall in verbal combats with your loved ones. Although your economic status will be excellent during this thing, you’re still advised to curb pointless expenses. Likewise, abstain from flaunting your money in front of others and remain grounded.

Some of you may organise religious programs at home. However, on a separate note, this isn’t a good time for the politicians. So, do not expect anything extraordinary during this month otherwise you may feel disappointed and let down. Your confidence and certainty level will increase but make sure that you consult someone before taking an important decision of life.


Mercury is forming a conjunction with Rahu in the Ninth House of your horoscope. This planetary position is likely to bring new opportunities in your professional life. You will not only see growth and development in your career but will also get a chance to hone your professional skills. You will be able to achieve your targets easily. Rahu is having an aspect of your career house, which makes this period fit for finishing any leftover work. However, you must take advice from someone before resuming that work. Travel is also on the cards but you need to be very careful while travelling by public transports, considering the Covid19 situation.

Job employees may get new job opportunities but this is not the right time to respond to them. If you feel that you’re secured in your current job, then bid farewell to these new job offers.

Money and Finance:

Your financial condition doesn’t seem to be very promising during this month. You will have to cater to the demands of the family, education of children and social activities. However, you will receive monetary profits in an ordinary manner. Some of you who have invested money on new ventures may face delay in getting the results of your hard work and efforts. This will be a major reason for stress and worry. Therefore, you’re advised not to invest money in real estate and speculative areas, particularly shares and stocks.

Rahu and Ketu are forming a conjunction in your horoscope. This planetary combination will help you come out of the financial crunches that you’ve been facing till now. Profits would be earned through foreign sources. Indastro suggests that you should curb all the pointless costs. Making a proper budget and following it strictly will prove to be very beneficial for you.

Love and Marriage:

This month is expected to start on a gloomy note. You may not be able to devote enough time to your partner. This would generate ugly spats between the two of you. It would be better if you put some additional efforts to meet your partner. Also, try to plan something special for her to make her believe that you love her with all your heart and soul. This will not only improve your relationship but will also help you lay a strong foundation for your future.

If you’re married, this might be precisely the month where you may need to give more importance to your spouse. Petty arguments and difference of opinion might prevail with your partner. You need to understand that communication is the key to the solution of every problem so talk things out rather than keeping them in your heart. Go out for a long ride and try to maintain amicable relations with your in-laws.

Students and Children:

This month is likely to be favourable for getting good news and excellent academic results. You shouldn’t allow your concentration and focus to deteriorate no matter what happens. We suggest you should prepare your notes before the final revision as it would save a lot of time. Parents may have to arrange tutors for their child who would help them clear their vague concepts. You could also join online courses to improve your learning powers and skills.

Stay away from friends who do not take their studies seriously else they may include you in their gang. This is the reason why parents should keep an eye over their child’s activities and make sure that their kid is in the right company of people. Children should revise their lessons thoroughly and avoid getting diverted towards other activities. You need to get serious regarding your career growth prospects if you wish to fulfil your academic objectives.

Family and Health:

The family atmosphere may not be very cordial during this month. You won’t get the expected support of your siblings and parents. You may feel very lonely and may suffer from hypertension. You’re likely to argue a lot with your family members. Your siblings will be the root cause of all the problems. You would feel helpless and unhappy because of your family member’s unacceptable behaviour towards you. However, you should not cross your boundaries and try to keep control over your temperament.

Your health horoscope is not indicating the possibility of any major health issue but you should still be careful regarding your health. Precaution may be your mantra during this month. Take a good diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle schedule. You could also do yoga and some light exercises in the morning as it gives energy to the body and keeps a person going throughout the day.


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