Huge explosion shocks the capital city of Lebanon

    2020 seems really heavy for lives all over the world, a large explosion shook the capital city of Lebanon, Beirut and a giant column of smoke was witnessed rising over the city. The reports suggest that the blast occurred in the port area that contains a lot of warehouses and the blast has impacted a large part of the capital city, shattering windows and doors.

    There have been a large number of casualties. There are reports of a second blast is happening on a day where the verdict in the trial of the killing of the Ex-Prime Minister Rafic Hariri is due. The verdict in the case is due today and he was killed in 2005 and the four main accused are allegedly part of the Hezbollah group. Hezbollah group has denied all links with Hariri’s death.

    The sudden devastation overwhelmed a country already struggling with both the coronavirus pandemic and an economic crisis. For hours afterwards, ambulances rushing in from around Lebanon carried away the wounded. Hospitals quickly filled beyond capacity, pleading for blood supplies, and generators to keep their lights on.

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