Floodwater causes OIL to stop recovery in Baghjan

Heavy rainfall makes Baghjan recovery stagnant. Floodwater causes OIL to stop recovery in Baghjan.

After the withdrawal of the closure notice by Pollution Control Board of  Assam against OIL Ltd. in Baghjan Tinsukia, all ongoing works to douse a blaze at a damaged gas well have been suspended due to floodwaters entering the site.

Though the locals and staffs of OIL were protesting against the deadly issue since months, the damaged well at Baghjan in Tinsukia district has been spewing gas uncontrollably following a blowout on May 27 and it lastly caught fire on June 9, killing two of OIL’s firefighters.

The concerned PSU, Oil India Limited (OIL) clarifies that all the rivers in and around Baghjan are rising rapidly, while the Dangori river is overflowing and has submerged the pumps installed for extinguishing the fire at the mouth of the well.

Moreover, on Saturday, it states that all connecting roads to the site are submerged in floodwater and a key approach road has been closed by the Tinsukia district administration to all traffic. This has been done as the road from a bridge over the Maguri-Motapung Beel has been severely damaged by the floodwater and at many places, knee-to-waist-deep water is flowing on it.

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