Five frauds arrested for hooligan tax from vehicles at Assam border

Five frauds recently get arrested for collecting hooligan tax from the drivers of transport vehicles at Lailapur near Assam border. Frauds are fooling the drivers by taking the look of government transport tax collectors in major border areas in the Northeastern region of India.

Shahab Uddin Barabhuiyan, the officer-in-charge of Dhalai police station, raids the illegal gate. The team along with him nabbed the racket of some non-government employees on the charge of illegally taking money from drivers. Five people have been arrested so far.

Groups of non-governmental employees set up illegal gates and have been looting drivers all over Assam. Drivers from all over Assam has complained about the harassment of illegal gates.

The MV Gate at Lailapur near Assam border is one of them. It is to be noted that though a large movement was there a few years ago on the issue of MV gate of Lailapur, the matter is yet to solve.

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