Coronavirus lead northeastern people way less

    Coronavirus lead northeastern people way less everywhere. Having similar faces with China, the northeastern people residing outside, getting trouble to manage their livelihood during lockdown.

    The northeastern people residing outside get allegedly teased during essential shopping too, during the lockdown. Many of them had to approach local police through a helpline to get grocery and other essentials for survival. However, various non working students from Northeastern states  have been thrown away by their landlords. Now they are not only struggling to get food but also for shelter and facing a financial crunch too.

     Several citizens hailing from the northeastern part of the country and living in the national capital and in the metro cities  are facing immense difficulties in arranging food and other essentials for themselves amid the COVID-19 lockdown.

    According to the sources various reports have been lunged with similar cases from metro cities like Kolkata, Mumbai and also from the capital. The police authorities there has been receiving several complaints seeking help from various parts of the cities.

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