Binnakandi United Bank in the grip of local anger over 17-day link failure

United Bank of India (UBI) Binnakandi branch of Lakkhipur, Assam is in the grip of local anger over 17-day constant link failure. The locals of Lakkhipur Binnakandi area at Cachar district lost their patience for United Bank as they faced server failure for almost 20 days. The people gathered and agitated in front of the United Bank Binnakandi branch on Thursday afternoon against the bank authority for not responding to the customers properly.

According to the allegations raised by the locals of Lakkhipur, the bank officials intentionally wasting the customer’s time and failed to serve as the local United Bank doesn’t have link since last 17 days. Every day though the customers are being directed to create a line for the transaction but after some moments they only get a denial in the name of link failure.

Days pass after days but the issue remains the same still. Though the bank manager was interpreted about it, still the matter is yet to solve. The ignorant locals of Lakkhipur, Cachar demands a quick resolution of the matter.

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