Beat Officer transferred and apologizes for misbehaving on a journalist

Beat Officer Debashish Nath publicly apologizes for his misbehaviour with an on-duty journalist and also sadly discloses about his transferred duty. Debashish Nath who was the Beat Officer at Moinerkhal under Sonai Forest Range has been transferred after the incident.

Debashish Nath has not only admitted his mistake in front of the journalist fraternity of Cachar district but also shook hands with Vikram along the relaxation of withdrawing the case filed against him.

Journalist Vikram Vijay Das from Cachar was assulted on 3rd September by the Beat Officer Debashish Nath while collecting news at Moinerkhal Forest Beat Office. Almost a month later the incident, the beat officer Debashish Nath publicly apologizes for harassment of the journalist.

Journalist Vikram Vijay Das has been assaulted while trying to uncover the costly timber smuggling through Sonai River. The beat officer Debashish Nath has allegedly beaten the journalist for disclosing smuggling rackets.

Northeast Update correspondent Bhanjan Das was present at the meeting and interpreted about the mutual understanding. It was Bhanjan Das only who brought the matter highlighted and poked Forest Minister Parimal Shuklavaidya about the issue.

East Dhalai Zilla Parishad member Swapankumar Das, Amraghat MK De Junior College professor Himanshu Chakraborty, BJP leader Soumen Das and Subodhranj Das mediated the meeting held in Amlaghat in the presence of journalists from various media outlets working in Dhalai and Sonai areas. Various attendees lastly condemned the incident and reached a compromise.

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