Assam will not allow home quarantine before 7 days

Things already gone worst in Assam after allowing the Ajmer Returnees without quarantining them


Assam Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma declares that no one can ask for home quarantine without passing at least 7 days of institutional quarantine, at this crucial health emergency in the state.

The state Finance and Health Minister of Assam Dr. Himanta Biswa Srama is working like a immortal hero since the covid viral outbreak. All along the day and night he is busy in his regular visits to various quarantine centres in the state.

Himanta Biswa Sarma is seriously concerned about the rising public issues regarding quarantine facilities. There are several posts being in social media regarding the internal dissatisfaction of the various quarantine centres in Assam. Similarly some from Kokrajhar Bineswae Brahma Engineering College quarantine centre, speaks about the unsatisfactory food and other facilities in the quarantine centre. It is also said that people from that particular quarantine centre demands home quarantine while their samples are already being collected, two times in a week. On this rising issue Himanta appeals to have patience as it is the time to cooperate.

Things already gone worst in Assam after allowing the Ajmer Returnees without quarantining them. Thus on the popular demand from the people under quarantine, Biswa Sarma says, the Government would not allow anyone for home quarantine before passing at least 7 days full in the institutional quarantine.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak Assam government face various challenges to check the spread of the pandemic. At the initial phrase Assam was fortunate with lesser number of corona positive cases. But with the passing of days, the number is increasing seriously like viral. As of now total 329 positive cases reported in the state.


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