Assam girl recovered from being trafficked to Malaysia

The 21 years Facebook friend IR Rehman accusingly tempted the girl for love marriage and career

Assam girl recovered from being trafficked to Malaysia
Assam girl recovered from being trafficked to Malaysia

Assam girl from Silchar recovered in Uttar Pradesh from being trafficked to Malaysia. A Muhammadan boy from Malaysia tried to traffic the Hindu girl from Silchar. The victim is the 19 years old girl from Silchar, Assam who was studying in Kolkata.

During her course of study in Kolkata, she felt in a Facebook relationship with IR Rehman a resident of Malaysia. The 21 year accused IR Rehman planned to traffic the girl to Malaysia via Nepal. IR Rehman accusingly tempted her for love marriage and career.

Strangely the boy did not meet her not even a single time. The love blind girl ran from her home on May 31 to meet the boy. When the girl reached Uttar Pradesh as suggested by the accused, she got contacted with an international human trafficking racket. The deadly racket of sex business almost pulled her to Indo-Nepal border, but blissfully the police recovered her on the way.

The parents of the victim lodged multiple FIRs at Silchar and in Kolkata with a charge of kidnapping their daughter. Silchar MP Dr Rajdeep Ray took the step and contacted UP based BJP minister Mahendra Kumar Singh regarding this matter. The victimised family thanked Roy for his courage to save the girl.


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