Aquarius Monthly Horoscope July 2020 based on Moon Sign

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope July 2020 based on Moon Sign
Aquarius Monthly Horoscope July 2020 based on Moon Sign


Aquarius Monthly Horoscope based on Moon Sign as per Vedic Astrology, you may need to take additional care of your health during this month since you are under the influence of Sade Sati. Love life will keep operating in an average manner and negative thoughts may come to your mind. This would cause disputes between couples. This is why you’re advised to remain extra cautious regarding your relationship during this month. Some of you may see a disturbance in your sleeping patterns, which can also cause a negative influence on your physical health as well.

You may experience a delay in getting the desired outcomes of your hard work and efforts. Some of you may be inclined towards spiritualism and take interest in religious activities. Your beliefs will be enlightened at this time, and you may feel a close connection with God. Some of you may take an important decision regarding your business or job but you’re advised not to take any decision based on impulsive approach else you may regret later in life. Those involved in politics are likely to get some good opportunities during this month. You should keep control over your language to avoid falling in verbal combats with your loved ones.


Your efforts would be taken into consideration and you’ll get the fruits of your hard work and labour. There will be new possibilities for you, and you will also get the expected support of your colleagues and seniors. If you’re a businessman, you are advised to keep control over their speech to avoid falling in verbal combats with your employees and workers. It is essential to maintain amicable relations with them for the smooth functioning of business activities. This isn’t a good time for starting any new work as the outcomes may not be very desirable at this time.

This isn’t the most favourable time for considering new job options. You should continue working at the same place without thinking of a job change because the stars are not in favour of any kind of change at this point of time. Promotion and appraisal are on the cards. So, you can expect a good hike in your salary this time.

Money and Finance:

This month is likely to be quite favourable as far as the financial matters are concerned. The inflow of income would be good, which automatically enhances your economic status. You may get an option to earn through multiple sources of income. You could even get great benefits from the money which you might have invested in the past. Since your financial condition is stabilized, you may spend a noteworthy amount on the purchase of expensive branded items for yourself.

Some of you may also invest your money on land or property while others may buy a dream car or a bike. Money could also be spent on the renovation of your house or furnishing. In case, you require some financial help, then you could take a bank loan as you will get one easily. Overall, this is a great month for finances provided you remain careful and curb all the pointless costs.

Love and Marriage:

Your love life seems off track as there are high odds of disputes and problems between the couples. Regardless of the fact that you both love each other endlessly, there will be a lot of chaos in your relationship because the stars are not in a mood to support your love life at this time. These fights may end up resulting in separation or break up if you do not take the matters seriously. You will have to put efforts till the things don’t settle down completely. Do not back off else you may have to part ways with your partner.

If you’re married, you will see lots of confusions and unwanted arguments causing disputes between you and your spouse. You’re advised to spend a lot of quality time with your life partner. Make sure that you do not hide anything from your husband/wife. Try to understand their point and do not force your decisions on them. Most importantly, communicate and talk things out instead of keeping them in your heart. You will notice an improvement in your relationship after 20th July 2020.

Students and Children:

Students will get a lot of opportunities to make progress in their studies and academic careers. You will ace your entrance exams and competition by your hard work, sincerity and diligence. School going children may feel confused and distracted from their studies. This is because they may have an inclination towards other things. Parents are advised to keep a close check on their kid’s activities and make sure that you are not involved in any bad activities.

Moreover, the conjunction of Sun and Rahu is likely to divert your focus. You should join some online classes which would help you improve your learning power and memorising skills. Parents should continue increasing their child’s morale and make them believe that they are worth so many good things in life. This may increase their confidence and bring them back on track.

Family and Health:

It can be stated that this is an average month for your domestic life. You’re advised to spend some quality time with your family members for the betterment of your relationship. You could plan a small get together at your place or a birthday party for any of your family member. Your elder siblings are likely to cause a lot of stress and tension. Their behaviour towards family members will be very unimpressive. Regardless of how they behave with you, you need to keep your calm. Do not use any abusive words otherwise the situation may get out of hand.

Your health will be fine during this month. There are no major odds of health issues but you should still try to boost your immunity by doing yoga and some light exercises in the morning. This would not only fill your body with energy but also helps in keeping the health problems at bay.


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