Smuggler’s deadly attack on BSF intelligence at border district Karimganj

International border road at Karimganj district, Assam
International border road at Karimganj district, Assam

A smuggler namely Nazrul Islam made deadly attack on a BSF intelligence official ASI S Debnath at Indo-bangla border district Karimganj on Wednesday morning. The sensational incident take place at international border road near about eight in the morning when the BSF intelligence official asked the smuggler to stop who was carrying Methamphetamine Pills.

As per secret information by special sources, Nazrul Islam 37 alias Noji son of Abdul Islam, resident of a resident of Lamajur under Badarpur police station of Karimganj district was carrying Methamphetamine Pills. On duty BSF officials asked the smuggler to stop on the international border. Suddenly Nazrul Islam made a deadly attack on a BSF intelligence with sharp weapon. In this incident ASI of BSF, S Debnath get sever injuries over his left eye brow and left hand. The smuggler thereafter fled away from the spot.

According to the official statement, BSF troops could have fired on the smuggler but they did not do so just to avoid civilian casualties as the civil village is very close to International border road. An FIR has been lodged against the smuggler Nazrul Islam @ Noji for making deadly attack on the BSF intelligence.

There is no doubt that the Border Security Forces trying its level best to stop smuggling and safeguard the border population at any cost. Now the question is, has the border district Karimganj became second Kashmir? The deadly attack made by an Identified youth on a BSF intelligence, what message dose it carry?


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